Wondering WHO WE ARE?

It has been said that the Real Bearded Santa
was born in Orange County, California.

Not that we first conceived the practice of using men with natural beards to portray Santa Claus, of course--
but without a doubt we originated the concept of the


SANTAS of the OC

were the ones who started the
Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas
--we wrote the ByLaws, got a Corporate Charter from the State of California, formed the first Board of Directors, and obtained 501(c)7 status for our
Band of Jolly Jents!!!

SotOC Goals & Tenets
      1. We are all members in good standing of FORBS.
      2. We gather occasionally for social interaction and to enhance the spirit of Santa.
      3. We agree to consider other Santas in our group for local appearances we cannot accept.
      4. We are first and foremost – Santa 24/7 In Season.
      5. We strive always to spread the joy and happiness of Santa and the love of children.
      6. We pledge to help each other in the best interest of serving children and the community.
      7. We seek to donate a portion of our time and effort to worthy children’s causes .
      8. We pledge to be vigilant of our image.
      9. We respect and encourage each Santa’s individual approach to being Santa.
    10. We seek to learn new skills to enhance our ability and enjoyment of being Santa.

If you are interested in the history of Real Bearded Santas,


Our first 20 years-here in the OC!!!
Pictorial History Of RBS Logo